Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Standing out, in group interviews?

Some companies, rather than interview one candidate over lunch or dinner, will interview a group of candidates.

So you just got asked to a group interview, how should you prepare?

But beware the group interview.  While you may be tempted to distinguish yourself from those other losers, by wowing the interviewers with your superior wit, intellect, and experience -- don't do it.  One thing interviewers look for in a group interview is how well you get along with others.  So attempts to play "I can top that story..." or crush your fellow candidates like a bug, may be frowned upon.

What's a person of your superior wit, intellect, and experience to do?

Greet and shake hands with the other candidates as well as the interviewers.
Be convivial -- chat with the other candidates before the interview begins.
Listen intently when others are speaking.
Direct answers to interview questions to the interviewer, but also look around and make eye contact with everyone else.

Don't get drawn into arguments. Maintain your composure.
If there is a very quiet, shy candidate, invite that person into the discussion.
Don't join others behaving badly: if several candidates are ordering the most expensive items on the menu, over-imbibing, hitting on the wait staff or texting under the table, don't join them.  Also skip the side-whispers, eye rolls and other evil alliances.

As with any interview, follow up with a letter to your interviewers thanking them for the dinner and the opportunity, as well as re-emphasizing some of your good qualities and continued interest in working for their organization.

Provided by: Culture and Manners Institute at http://www.cultureandmanners.com/

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